Side effects of male enhancement pills

Many men choose to take pills and supplements to repair aspects of their body which they are not comfortable with. Some take them to grow thicker and longer hair, others take them to lose weight.

Side effects of male enhancement pillsMost of them take these treatments to enhance their penis size and their sexual performance. In a desperate quest to achieve this, they buy pills which can endanger their health dramatically. Only in the past two years FDA has banned over 15 male enhancement pills that were proven to have hidden ingredients. By taking these products, many men were exposed to serious health risks and even fatal consequences.

Popular male enhancement pills

Viagra is probably the best known male enhancement product out there. One of its main ingredients is sildenafil, which is responsible for the active response of the nervous system and the increased sexual performance that follows. You can get this treatment only with a receipt from your doctor, who first checks to see if you suffer from diabetes, blood-circulation issues or high cholesterol. Based on WebMD sildenafil can create serious problems for men affected by these illnesses and this is why doctors will never prescribe them Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

There are many fake products on the market which claim that their only components are herbal-based. However, medical tests have shown a clear presence of sildenafil in their composition. By taking these remedies, men could suffer brain damage, irreparable heart disease and a decrease in blood pressure that is almost deadly.

Harmful side effects

In order to avoid a severe health problem, you must always check if the pills you purchase have been medically tested and approved. Vimax Pills from is one of the few male enhancement treatments that have been proven to contain only natural substances and, most importantly, is sildenafil-free. Among its ingredients you can find perfectly safe extracts from plants like Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Rice and Cayenne Pepper. This mix ensures that you get the best out of a sexual encounter and that you maintain your health at all times.

Vimax Pills have been approved and prescribed by doctors worldwide. They are literally harmless to men, regardless of their health condition. More than 95% of the subjects who have used this remedy have benefited from excellent results even if they were suffering from diabetes, high-blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Erectile dysfunction is a serious matter for many men. Even if new treatments for this condition are released every year, many copycat products find their place on the drugstore shelves somehow and trick thousands of men in purchasing them. This is because the current legislation does not require manufacturers to state the exact amounts of the ingredients they use in these products. With Vimax Pills this is not an issue and you can clearly see the list of all the substances used on the product label.

The battle between the medical field and the producers of fake supplements rages on. The problem is that the only victims of this war are the consumers who are exposed to damaging side effects if they pick the wrong product.